Your market place for China

Seahuo is the marketplace to promote European products in China. You can promote your products, services and brands and sell new / used products directly in China.

Seahuo supports free posting, as well as a lot of value added services to promote your brand as well as to sell new / used products and equipment

Why ?

China is the biggest market for industry supplies. Chinese businesses are hungry for high quality supplies to boost their productivity. For a market plagued by low quality, equipment from developed countries (especially used ones) are a prime choice.

Free ?

Your products will be presented to millions of Chinese buyers directly, not through any agency, trading company, import-export, or anything like that. We don’t intervene into your transaction and the posting is entirely FREE, unless you want value added services (e.g. translate mail exchanges, advertise your posting more than normal, or verify you as a seller or your buyer identity).

How ?

Click “Register Used Product” in the footer of this page
If this is your 1st posting with us, please create an account
Fill the required fields, upload images, and file for specs of your products - Done
If someone is interested in your product, they can contact you with info you put online is operated from digital-media-lab, a company registered in Singapore and local support teams in China. This strategic location in Singapore allows us to support European and American companies with full flexibility and potential limitations in China while our local team in China ensures that all groundwork is taken care of. Furthermore Singapore ensures a much higher degree of legal transparency and stability than China as such.
Digital-media-lab is not new, but has been operating for 8 years supporting major western MNCs in Asia, especially in China. digital-media-lab focusses on Web Portal development and Internet Marketing in China. With hundreds of projects, own portals and supporting existing clients, we have an excellent access to the marketplace and a broad media network for promotion. Furthermore we have our network in Europe to truly understand priorities and business practices.


How will I ship my product to China ?
We can arrange logistics company for your transaction and you can add that cost in your price.

What kind of documents do I need to sell to China ?
The logistics company will handle that. You only need to show the carrier where the machine is.

I don’t understand any word in Chinese, how am I supposed to communicate with Chinese people?
That’s why we are here in the first place. We are bridge.

Do I have to provide warranty / maintenance for the products ?
If you want to, yes, and you can include that in the price. If you want a clean cut deal, also fine.

How will I price for the product ?
You can set a fixed price, not negotiable. Or you can set an auction for buyers to bid.

Will my contact details be visible to customers?
No. To protect you from spammers, interested buyers may use our message system to send an inquiry, and we will forward those inquiries to the email address you leave with us.

Do I need a picture of the product?
Good images will improve your chances. We recommend you having detailed images about your product. It is not mandatory though.

How will I get my payment?
As agreed between you and the buyer. If you need our escrow service, it will be there.

Will buyers pay me before I deliver the goods ?
Up to your negotiation with the buyer. You may want to receive some advance payment. Our escrow service can help.

What else Ineed to do besides posting, replying to inquiries?
Nothing, we make sure you are not bothered by anything other than the deal itself.


For any questions, please contact us.