Tange (丹下)

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Tange (丹下) - 详细信息

丹下是自行车界享有盛誉的老牌企业。最早从一九二零年生产前叉开始,丹下一直致力于利用经验和技术改进自行车性能。丹下首创抽管和铬钼合金钢热处理。丹下的管材至今仍然被认为是强度、精度和容易加工的顶峰。今天,我们继续在自行车界九十多年的历程,提供管材、前叉以及各种零件和车架部件,全都按我们精密的标准制造。 1920 YasujiroTanges forms the Tange Manufacturing Co., to produce bicycle forks. 1950 Facilitiesmove to Hokujo-Cho, Sakai City. Fuji Metal Industries Ltd. formed as anaffiliated company. 1951 Manufactureand sales of bicycle-specific butted tubing begins. 1957 Company isrenamed Tange Industries Ltd., and moves to expanded facilites in Nanjo-Cho.Sakai City. 1958 Tangereceives JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) certification as a fork producer. 1961 Production oftubing products for non-bicycle use begins. 1963 Productionfacilities move to Otori Higashi-Machi, Sakai City. 1965 Innovativemanufacturing processes introduced to fork production for the first time. 1967 Head officemoves to Otori Higashi-Machi, Sakai City. President and founder Yasujiro Tangeretires. Tamotsu Tange becomes president. 1974 Total framecomponents productions begins for seat stays, chain stays, dropouts, lugs andheadsets. 1979 Tange SeikiLtd. is established as an independent company for the manufacture of headsets. 1980 FounderYasujiro Tange passes away. 1984 Introductionof high-performance Prestige chrome-moly double-butted racing tubes. 1985 Introductionof Infinity smooth double-butted chrome-moly tubes. 1987 Introductionof ultra-lightweight Prestige Superlite racing tubing and Fusion epoxycomposite materials fork. 1988 Tamotsu Tangenamed chairman. Yasuhiro Tange named president. Tange USA Corporationestablished. 1989 Introductionof Fusion-II epoxy composite materials fork. Tange Taiwan established. 1990 ShenzhenTange (China) established. 1991 Introductionof Prestige Ultimate tubing. Introduction of Shockblades suspension fork. TangeEurope AG established. 1992 TangeIndustries Ltd. is renamed Tange Inc. 1995 Introductionof suspension forks. 1997 Japan Tangesale for world market. Senzhen Tange Produce Position 1998 Tange USAclosed. 1999 Tange Europeclosed. 2003 ShenzhenTange (China) closed. 2004 Tange Taiwanre-established. 2006 Tange Europere-established. 2008 Tange USAre-established. 2011 Newfacilities built in Taiwan.