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FTV(FTV) - 详细信息

法国时尚电视台(Fashion TV,FTV)成立于1997年,是目前全球最著名的三大时尚电视媒体之一,是世界上第一个也是唯一一个覆盖全球的24小时播放的时尚频道,每年在世界各地举办的数以千计的时装发布会,都以能在法国时尚电视台播出为荣,各国设计师和顶级模特也都把法国时尚电视台作为自己的荣誉大本营,法国时尚电视台是在国际时尚界享有领军地位的媒体。法国时尚电视台节目通过三十一个卫星和上千个光纤系统覆盖全球130多个国家和地区。 [编辑] Programming   Its programming comprises 24 hours a day of style, fashion and beauty clips, with 500 hours of new programs every year, 300 catwalks, and approximately 600 new clips every season.   The worldwide broadcasts are available by cable and satellite. Most of its programming consists of short (approximately 5-minute) clips from fashion shows, behind the scenes glimpses of the modelling industry, special events and awards ceremonies. These are grouped into themed programmes, including: In Store Now Hair and Make-up First Face Photographers F People F Party F Diaries Fashion Bars Fashion Destination Fashion Events Fashion and Music Fashion and Movies Fashion Parties Fashion Weeks Global Fashion (Formerly known as World Fashion is now also used as a separate channel) Tendances (trends) Lingerie Fashion Models Designer's at Work Model's Talk Midnight Hot (erotic lingerie, swimwear and calendar shoots) Swimwear F Men (Former Programming Block of Fashion TV is now a separate channel)