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SHODA - 详细信息

Shoda Corporation was established in 1926 for the porpose of bringing creativity and a new value to high-speed spindle manufactureing. During these subsequen 85 years,over 8,500 CNC routers have been produced and placed into service worldwide. Model : NC-111A (first worlds NC machine) Mr. Isao Shoda completed the First CNC Router in the world and exhibited it at International Osaka Fair in 1968. NC-111A caused a revolution in the furniture and musical instruments industries to lay the foundation of the automatic wood curving. It was the opening gambit in the world, with excellent reputatin. The Shoda and the Shoda brand is nowfavored in the USA , Europe, Asia and many other countries. Recently application for CNC router have been expanded into aerospace, light alloy for satellite and space shuttle, carbon fiber reinforced plastic parts, aluminum construction materials, house exterior materials by ceramic, plastic parts for household appliances such as a portable telephone, a plasma TV, a liquid crystal TV,and a flat panel display so that, the markets are boundless. Furthermore, CNC routers have developed into new industries such as manufacturing for automobile prototype model, ship model, and so on. China Factory In 2000, Shoda started to produce CNC routers in Shanghai, China for the Chinese market. In 2001, Shanghai Shoda International Trading Inc. started business as affiliated company in Chaina.